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Denver Value Modular Reception Desks

A budget reception desk that has a panel leg construction and is finished in Beech only. This is a budget-friendly reception desk solution for both modern and traditional offices. This range contains all the modular reception units that you need to create a configuration that will fit nicely into your reception area.

The importance of aesthetics within the office environment has been debated about for years as many people viewed functionality as the most important factor in selecting furniture. However, in recent times the modern office has undergone a transformation and today, in the 21st century, we often see office and workspaces featuring a range of décor styles and experimenting with colours, fabrics, texture and lighting. All these aspects of a space can drastically alter the mood of the employees and in turn boost productivity – in this sense aesthetics and functionality are both as important as each other.

The importance of aesthetics translates easily into reception spaces and waiting areas. In business communication is key and is central to success. As the reception area is the space in which the first point of communication is made – with potential clients, existing customers, new visitors and so on – the image portrayed by this space is vital in ensuring the best first impression is made.

Going through the refurbishing process and selecting the appropriate furniture for your décor can be long, stressful and pricey. However, we aim to provide the largest choice for the best value and so ensure that we have an extensive range of reception furniture to suit all budgets.

The Denver Value Modular Reception Desk range features cheap reception desks that are modular which means they can be built together in a wide range of compilations. This is great for ensuring that the reception desk is personal and suits your specific needs. Manufactured from wood the desk is simple yet warm and inviting. The use of wood ensures a traditional feel is retained whilst the simple and curved design is minimalist having a modern appeal.

We have an in house design team ready to help with your refurbishing process and can build bespoke desks to suit your specific needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch – we are happy to help with any queries you may have.