Fifty Fifty Full Reception Desk


The Fifty - Fifty Full reception desk is different from the smaller standard Fifty Fifty reception desk as it allows you to create different modules and layouts due to separate components. The desk is designed to span a larger area and can be specified up to 3800mm wide. The design of the desk is extremely stylish and simplistic as the linear panels join in harmony, supporting the floating shelf, which can be ordered in a contrasting wood finish. 

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Fifty Fifty Full has 13 modules designed to create a reception counter adapted to the environments of small and large companies. It has a stylish overhanging, floating shelf which has an option for an LED light which adds interest and style to any reception area.

The overhanging shelves are perfect also for branding purposes as it's possible to put a company logo, signage or photo on the smooth surface. The desk is functional from the user's side as each desktop comes with pre-drilled grommets for easy cable management.

The units are quick and easy to assemble thanks to the connection kit simplifying the alignment of the modules. The Fifty Fifty Full reception desk creates a warm and harmonious reception space as the finishes are natural, subtle and neutral which will compliment interior schemes and strengthen and enhance company values. 

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