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Inform Reception Desks

The Inform reception desk is a contemporary style reception desk with a choice of various front panels in either, steel, methacrylate and plywood. The countertops are available in maple or white MFC and blue or white glass. The Inform range is extremely extensive as each module is shaped and designed with the user in mind. Some modules have wave desktops and vary in depth from standard 800mm deep to 600mm, with other units marrying to carry on the necessary layout. The desk is elevated off the ground so there is no risk of front panels being exposed to potential water damage or being kicked or scuffed, it's easier to keep the floor clean too, so is hygienic and suitable for hospitals or veterinary surgeries. 


The Inform Reception Desk range is perfect for spaces that want a simple but modern and sleek aesthetic that is warm and inviting to potential clients, existing customers and new visitors. These designer reception desks are built to the highest possible standard and feature a modular construction enabling them to be built in a variety of ways. In this section you will find 4 popular compilation options.

The Inform Reception Desk compilation 1 features a striking coloured design available with Kiwi Green or Strawberry Red meth acrylate fronts. The smooth curved design is inviting and enables several people to use the desk at once reducing queueing times and busy waiting rooms.

The Inform Reception Desk compilation 2 is a stunning desk that features a steel mesh front available in Burgundy, White or Silver perforated metal. White and Silver are fast becoming popular choices in office spaces as they are aesthetically pleasing whilst being able to be matched with a wide range of décors. The aesthetics of this desk is often associated with modernism and technology and whilst being modern it still retains a professional appeal.

The Inform Reception Desk compilation 4 is a circular shaped desk which comes with wooden fronts. The use of wood enables the desk to retain a traditional feel whilst the circular design and glass counter top gives it a modern finish. This is an ideal choice of desk for spaces which require more than 1 employee and the curved shape is great for busy reception spaces as it is inviting and enable more than one person to be seen at a time.

All of the compilations in the Inform range come with factory guarantees and are manufactured within Europe to a high standard. The modular function enables many configurations to be met and so we are able to work with our in house design team to create a bespoke reception desk solution built to suit your specific needs. Please contact our sales team for sizes and prices – we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Buy Inform Reception Desks from Office Reality and receive your order for free within the UK mainland as standard.