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Tub Chairs

Reception seating can be the final piece of the puzzle when designing your reception area, so it’s important to get this right. Tub chairs are a popular addition to receptions, as they come in various shapes and colours, whilst providing comfort to the user. Choose from stocked items on a quick delivery, or customise your tub chair to match the look of your reception area.

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What we now know today as the ‘Tub Chair’, can be dated back throughout the centuries to when they were popular in Victorian England. Often found in Gentleman’s Clubs or in the home of the very wealthy, it wasn’t until the 20th century when the classic tub chair became modernised by designers, that we began to see it within households. Today, the tub chair can be seen in an extensive number of settings, both domestic and commercial. For reception areas, tub chairs are becoming more popular as they provide greater flexibility than a sofa, being lightweight and easy to move when required.

Tub chairs are not only perfect for reception areas but can also be used in ‘break-out’ areas, libraries, quiet zones, waiting rooms, cafés and small office spaces. They offer both functionality and aesthetics whilst providing maximum comfort.

We provide an extensive range of tub chairs to suit a variety of budget requirements. There’s a huge range of styles to choose from, so finding the right design for you has never been easier. Our selection of tub chairs are available in many styles, varying in fabric, leather or vinyl options.

One of our best selling leather tub chairs is the Zoron which is available in a choice of five vibrant coilours and helo in stock for a free next day delivery. Another popular choice the Roxy Bundle deal for tow tub chairs and a circular low table is a great deal and comes in fabric or faux leather choices.

The small footprint of the Solace tub chair make it a favourite for plannaing a reception area where space is a premium. It also comes in great upholstery choices with two tone opportunites with the back and seat colour.

Contemporary tub chairs with a swivel base offer not only a slick appeal but also have the added flexibility of offering the visitor the chance to sit in a number of different angles. The Spirit Lite tub chair has an inviting seat design and comes in a huge choice of fabric colours.

Post pandemic the tub chair have grown in popularity over the sofa as they offer visitors the option of sitting on their own and  can be easily moved around and reconfigured if the reception area has busier times. The  Inca Tip and Move tub chair has a set of castors to make this easier and an optional writing tablet for laptops.


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