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Smart desks

A range of desks which allow you to fully utlize space. They have security features so you can lock away CPUs. Perfect for educational facilities which can be heavily dependent on the use of IT.

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Smart Desks are desks that have been built with added features that are beneficial to an educational environment. The compact design of these desks allows you to fully utilize space in the best way possible whilst still gaining the benefits of larger desk features. Different desks are built with different purposes in mind so browse through our range of smart desks to find something to suit your specific needs.

The Series 1000 Laptop Desk is ideal for areas which use laptops. They have been cleverly designed with a folding mechanism which can securely store the laptop in place when not in use. This is great for schools as once the laptop is locked inside it is safe – this saves time at the end of the school day when normally laptops would have to be collected and stored at a separate location.

We have a similar desk to the Series 1000 but for computers – the Screen Box Integrated Desks. This desk also features a clever folding mechanism in a flip top storage compartment which can retract back down to store the computer screen, keyboard and mouse.

Smart desks are great value for money and are ideal for places where there is not much room for storage. Not only do they guarantee the safety and security of your computer and/or laptop when not in use, they also provide a solid desk table for everyday use. These desks are great for educational settings but also business environments too where technology is used and requires a solution that can ensure the security of the workspace.

The Smart Desks in our range are available in a variety of heights, materials, colours and finish options. Buy Smart Desks and education furniture from Office Reality and receive your order with our free delivery service to UK mainland addresses as standard.