Mote Seating 'Meet and Retreat'


Mote has been designed to provide a holistic solution when designing a dynamic environment. Created as a complete lounge seating range, no detail is an afterthought, with every inch having been given to careful consideration to eliminate dead space. The Mote familty includes sofas, ottomans, screens and accessories, each linking seamlessly to each other to create a combination of linear and curved forms for stunning seated landscapes. 

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Mote seating has been designed by the Seanator Group who offer a vast range of design led products to the commercial market place. The design and construction of the Mote range has been carefully crafted and considered for those wish to create their own modular layout and seating landscape. The modular pieces fit together in harmony and compliment each other with soft linear lines on the fabric backs. The other useful aspect of this seating range is that a working desk and platform can be attached to the back of the sofas in order for those who wish to work or 'pull up' to take notes or send a few emails. Low stools are also available in this range which again compliment the sofas and thet can be specified in matching contrasting fabrics and upholstered in two tone. The useabilty is also highlighted by range having power ports and USB which means you will never be short of power when using laptops and iphone devices. 

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