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Specialist Chairs

This is our collection of specialist seating that includes a range of industrial seating and ergonomic chairs and stools. All of the chairs in this range are designed for comfort and to promote good posture.

Improve Your Posture With Specialist Seating

Often certain industries require office seating that is specific to that industry, or that is suitable for an individual and meets their needs. In this section we have a range of specialist seating that contains ergonomic chairs and stools that have been built to suit various requirements.

Here is a quick look at a few of the specialist seating products we provide.

The Belize Ergonomic Stool features a flexible pillow style base that moves easily and so encourages the user to move frequently to keep active. This is a great way for users to exercise whilst working and is an ideal choice of seating for those who want to be half sitting/half standing.

The Kola Kneel-Sit is a chair/stool that has been designed to ensure the user holds good posture throughout work. The shape of the Kneel-Sit encourages the user to naturally take the correct sitting position and so can ensure good health.

The Tec Profile Work Chair is an ergonomic chair that is has been specially designed in a unique way to ensure the user remains in a good posture. This can reduce the chance of work related injuries.

We have many more specialist chairs, seating and stools that are designed for different purposes so please browse through our range and feel free to contact us with any questions. Our specialist seating is delivered for free within the UK mainland. 

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