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Modular Sofas

Modular sofas and seating can be reconfigured to suit your breakout or lounge or office area. The sofas are usually designed and manufactured to join together to make L – shaped, U – shaped or oval standalone seating islands. The seating ranges are usually complemented with coffee tables, which can be situated in the corner of a room, with the seating at 90 degrees. Our modular sofa ranges are multi-functional and can always be rearranged to a variety of dynamic configurations, making them ideal for employees and small groups to relax or meet informally. Creative use of fabrics can also add a special charm and elegant simplicity, enhancing your company brand and values.

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Modular seating is a great option for break out areas and occasional settings. There are several advantages to choosing modular seating solutions including being versatile, flexible, cost-effective and space efficient.

Modular sofas & unit sofas for breakout areas

We provide an extensive range of modular sofas, chairs and stools in a wide number of designs, materials, colours and finishes. These products are versatile as they can often be fitted together in a number of ways, allowing for many different solutions to be built. This flexibility allows the space they are used within to be changed when required and the modular seating can be used to create new styles that fit in with new décors. This flexibility makes the modular sofas cost-effective, as it has the ability to be used in new ways when the décor requires a revamp. Modular furniture allows you to reconfigure your space whenever you need to and this can be used a way to combine maximizing space with increasing effectiveness.

For small break out spaces, modular unit sofas can often be the answer to minimal space capacity. Unit sofas can be placed against the wall and side by side to create large-scale seating that can accommodate many people at once whilst minimizing and making the best use of the space provided. Another great way to place modular sofas is back to back in the middle of the room to use space that may not normally be used.

We offer a free, no obligation space planning and design service that offers accurate 3D visuals of what your space could look like if you are having problems in making sure that you are making the most of the space that you have.