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Sometimes we need to break away from what we are doing and take time out for ourselves to regain our focus and senses. Wellness zones and Wellbeing Pods, previously written off as fads and buzz words are now finding their way in to the established design and build community. ‘’Movement zones” are also being specified at the early stages of the design process, these zones or areas are for activities like yoga, massages and stretching.

The reason for Health Zones appearing across working environments is because most employees now know that the key to workplace productivity is having happy and healthy employees. Wellbeing Pods offer a dedicated space for people to engage in their preferred activity without interruption and ambient noise.

These activities can be enhanced with online learning resources as monitors can be mounted to the inside of the acoustic panels. You can book your allocated time in some pods with an online booking system app which means you can organise your time and day in an efficient way. 

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