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The Ideal Wellbeing Office

We have taken some products from the Wellbeing section and created 'The Ideal Wellbeing Office’.

Several factors and products have been taken into consideration; a key factor being movement whilst at work. We all know that it’s unhealthy for us to be sat down for too long. Sit-stand desks, monitor arms and ergonomic stools all allow for greater freedom of movement throughout the day. The Ideal Wellbeing Office also allows for greater collaboration and idea sharing by featuring a central meeting Pod, integrated with a flat screen. When we share ideas and information, we are becoming more efficient, working together as a team, which inevitably helps our wellbeing levels.  

The Ideal Wellbeing Office

Air purifying plants are also featured as they increase oxygen levels which can result in improved moods and concentration levels. Retaining the nature theme; greenery, in the form of moss panels, features in the canteen and meeting area. Moss panels are a suitable alternative to an actual living wall as they require less maintenance and are not as expensive to install. The moss is beautiful to look at and at the same time absorbs excess noise and prevents echo, improving the acoustics of any environment.

We have also featured a studio for on-site yoga or exercise classes and a dedicated Wellness Pod for individual meditation and online video exercises. Lockers for personal storage feature as employees are taking more valuable items to work with them such as their gym kit, cycling gear and of course phones, iPads, and other such technical devices. Offering these individual storage solutions helps employees maintain a sense of safety and security of their personal belongings at work, which in turn contributes to peace of mind and therefore positive mental wellbeing.


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We are sure there many more factors and products which we can add to the Ideal Wellbeing Office such as a healthy vending machine and sleep pods for rest and recharge; but for now, we would certainly be happy to work at TIWO (The Ideal Wellbeing Office).

What would your Ideal Wellbeing Office look like or feature?

Here are a small selection of products we have featured below:

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