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Treadmill desks are ergonomically designed for the workplace as an effective way to combat a sedentary lifestyle. Walking at a gentle pace on a treadmill desk is proven to increase creativity, enhance productivity and significantly improve your health and wellbeing. Did you know that the average office worker sits for more than 11 hours per day? More worryingly, health guidelines recommend that you only sit for 23 hours per week. So like most of us if you are guilty of sitting too much during the working day, then why not try a treadmill desk?


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Why a treadmill desk?

We have all been made aware recently of the dangers of prolonged sitting and how a sedentary lifestyle can lead to and increase health risks. It’s evident, that in our modern society, the opportunities for sedentary behaviour are increasing, driving, watching TV, looking at the iPad or computer, all of which require very little physical movement.  How can we alleviate ourselves of this seated static trap? Using sit stand workstations make a big difference as we are giving ourselves the opportunity to sit and stand whilst at work. But we must still keep moving, whilst standing, to keep our leg muscles active. This is why we have soft anti fatigue mats to allow ourselves gentle leg movement.

Another unique way of tackling this problem is the Treadmill Desk, as walking on a treadmill desk while working is an easy way to add activity and exercise to your long working day. Treadmill desk benefits include having increased energy, reduced joint and lower back pain, improved productivity, weight loss and reduced blood pressure.

There are usually concerns about using a treadmill desk such as space, noise, how easy will it be to work from? Using a treadmill desk will assuredly be easier than you might think. Many customers have commented on how easy it was to make the transition to sitting and walking or standing and walking from their traditional seated ways of working. Tasks like talking on the phone, participating in conference calls, responding to emails, and typing are surprisingly easy.   It must also be noted that most people tend to use them as a complement to top their traditional desk. These desks are usually used by businesses in shared environments, including activity areas, conference rooms, hallways and open areas. Research indicates that a majority of individuals use their treadmill desks on average between 1 – 3 hours per day and by businesses between 6-8 hours per day.

The noise levels also are relatively low as some models have been designed specifically for the office, whisper-quiet motors and impact shocks dampen walking noise, staying respectful of co-workers without impacting productivity. 

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