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Our range of whiteboards that are suitable for use in a wide variety of applications. These whiteboards can be used in meeting rooms, classrooms, training rooms and almost any other commercial environment.

Whiteboards are a great addition to a wide variety of environments. Often found in schools, whiteboards can be also benefit office spaces, meeting rooms, libraries, sports clubs and playrooms. Engaging with a large number of people can be challenging but a whiteboard is a great way to ensure that all people can take part in what you are discussing. Often many people learn best through visualisation and so using a whiteboard in meetings can be beneficial as it gives you a way to get your ideas across through images and written words.

Our range of whiteboards features a selection of different types to suit specific needs. From Magnetic to Dry Wipe, from Mobile to Space Saving, we have it all, including a range of whiteboard accessories such as dry wipe pens and markers. We also provide a range of Freestanding Whiteboards in a variety of shapes that are perfect for waiting areas, foyers and receptions.

The Monza range of dry wipe or magnetic whiteboards are the most cost effective we offer and also offer the option of feint gridded lines to aid neat and tidy wring. The grid has the added benefit of being visble to the user but not to the audience. The Monza range comes with a sleek profiled Aluminium frame and a high quality writing surface that is guaranteed for 10 years.

Whiteboards without edges or frames or whiteboard tiles are becoming increasingly popular, this enables a customised whiteboard wall by the combination of differeing sizes. AS there is no frame teh edges butt up against each other to form an almost seamless appearance. Coloured edge whiteboards can also add a design element to this form of whiteboard.

A step up in quality from the standard magnetic suras is the Viteous Steel or Enamel whiteboard. These writing surfaces come with a 25 year guarantee and can also be used as a projection screen. Vitreous whiteboards and manufactured from over 75% recycled material and have a stylish profiled Aluminmium frame.

Whiteboards can also be a great way to keep your office space organised. Our range of printed whiteboards features a variety of planners including weekly, monthly and annual as well as IN/OUT, which is necessary in spaces that require employees to clock in and out upon arrival and leave. This is a great way to keep an eye on who is within the building and useful for fire drills and emergencies.

Our whiteboards are available with either a magnetic or non-magnetic surface and come in a number of shapes, sizes and prints. For a bespoke print please get in contact – we are able to print almost anything onto our whiteboards and so can design the perfect board to suit your specific needs. Choose to buy whiteboards from Office Reality and have your order delivered free of charge to UK mainland postcodes.