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Picking Your Education Furniture

Purchasing education furniture is no easy task. There are many points to consider. For example, the fire safety standards, keeping within the budget, the amount of furniture needed as this is usually quite large, the type of furniture etc…

You also want to create the right environment for the students to concentrate as well as feel comfortable in. This can often mean not buying the cheapest furniture on offer, which on a tight budget can be hard and stressful. Below are some tips to help you choose the right furniture for your school or college.

School Desks/Tables – It is important when purchasing desks is whether you need to use the space for other purposes. With these tables you can stack them, fold them or just have them as standalone desks, some of these are also height adjustable which is something to think about. As well as this you will need to think about the amount of desks carefully as you will probably want to rearrange these desks from time to time for group working. Pictured below are some options:

Classroom Storage – This is needed in every classroom. They are used for a number of different purposes, to house toys, for children’s possessions, to store paper etc… The most common form of classroom storage is plan chests however Office Reality supply small cupboards in a range of bright colours. You need to think about how the class is going to be run, for example are you going to let the students keep their possessions in the classroom and if so you will need to provide appropriate storage for them. Lockers are a good idea for storing personal items outside the classroom as they have the added security of being lockable and they can free up space within the classroom. Pictured below are some examples of classroom storage:

Educational Chairs – Like storage, these are needed in every classroom. The most common form of classroom chair is the stackable polypropylene chairs. The chairs are ideal for classroom situations as they are robust and due to their simple construction virtually tamperproof. They stack for easy storage and are multipurpose. There are many different types of classroom chairs so you can also think about the aesthetics.

Other chairs that can be used for the classroom are operator chairs. These are usually used within the computer rooms of a school and you should take care in making sure that these are tamperproof before purchase.

Chairs for recreational use should be considered also, for example in libraries etc… Sofas and tub chairs can be made with crib 5 fire retardant fabric and provide comfort for the children or students. Also these can also come in a variety of colours to suit the surroundings and create an ideal environment for children to learn.

Below are some examples of all the above mentioned:

Displays – This includes whiteboards and noticeboards. When ordering these remember to check the fire retardant rating on these as some are suitable for classrooms but not corridors. There is a huge variety of notice boards and white boards in a variety of colours so you can make the notice board match the décor. Pictured are some examples:

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