• Fabricks is a striking, acoustic, modular brick system made from acoustic foam and wool fabric. It is designed with geometric aesthetics that divides space and reduces noise to improve the acoustics throughout. Once a Fabricks wall has been created and built it is flexible and lightweight enough to be moved and reconfigured as required, sometimes offering a suitable solution to floor to ceiling walls. With impressive acoustic credentials, Fabricks combats noise levels and visual distractions, which are often counter productive. Fabricks are supported on a steel base with extruding vertical aluminium posts at varying heights to give necessary support and privacy.

    • 3D sculptured face lightweight bricks
    • Class A sound absorption
    • Tested to ISO 10053
    • Tested to BS EN ISO 354:2003
    • 36 different brick options across the range
    • Designed by Nigel Sikora
    • 95% recyclable
    • Ability to house power and data cables
    • 90 degree corner bricks also available
    • 30 standard colours from Camira Blazer Lite
    • Grey Steel base

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    What the experts say…
    Fabricks is unique in its versatility and performance. As a class A absorber it can be used effectively for the control of reverberation within a space, however, it is also an effective screen against noise and has good sound attenuation properties, which means it can be used to improve both speech and visual privacy. Due to its easily reconfigurable nature, the user can adjust the size and shape of Fabricks to create spaces of different levels of acoustic privacy. To get the most out of the product, it is best installed in an area where there is a highly absorbent acoustic ceiling and appropriate levels of ambient noise.

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