Torino Acoustic Tile


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Torino Acoustic Tile

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  • The subtle design of the Celano acoustic tile is highlighted by the negative detail of what is not there. The coinciding point of the lines exit points coincides with the adjacent tiles entry points which allow a number of interesting and varied design combinations. Celano's crisp clean pattern will also merge with the Torino tile for further individualisation of your chosen design pattern. The Celano acoustic tile stems from the Cavasinni Collection created by industrial designer Daniel Cavasinni.

    • Tile size 500mm x 500mm x 35mm thick.
    • Pack size: 9 tiles = 2.25 sqm coverage
    • Made from 60% recycled fibre content such as empty drink bottles
    • Products are 100% recyclable. No red list chemicals present.
    • Certified GreenTagCert. GreenRate Level A
    • Excellent and efficient absorbers of reverberate noise

    500mm x 500mm x 35mm thick

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    Acoustek tiles are among the most efficinet and effective ways of combating reverberate noise. Acoustic planning is usually done at the beginning stages of most commercial interior scheme. However in most cases acoustic tiles are retro fitted as the unforeseen 'noise annoyance factor' is not realised until everyting is operational. Sound is something that cannot be seen so it's always tempting for the designer and client to focus on the more important stuff like desk layouts and breakout areas. Controling reverberate noise where people work, relax and socialise is of critical importance. Noisy, echoey spaces are not natural environmnents for humans. Spending time in such places can have a negative impact on productivity, learning, recuperation, enjoyment and well-being. Acousek Tiles have been carefully designed and considered to how and where they will fit in to cure the common problem of noise reverberation within the workspace.

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