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Jennifer Neal

Lighting (The Lighting People Ltd)

Jennifer, the technical director at The Lighting People, manages the consultancy’s design team. The Lighting People are an independent lighting consultancy who have extensive experience in the design and delivery of LED lighting, including automated and intelligent control solutions.

Poor lighting is often overlooked in the workplace and as a result can be detrimental to your health with a range of associated effects, such as eye strain, headaches, fatigue and also stress and anxiety in more pressured work environments.

Implementing improved lighting systems for the workplace has a number of benefits to a person’s wellbeing and can influence how each person feels throughout the day. The correct lighting levels, glare rating, quality of light and colour positively impacts the alertness and accuracy of those who are subject to it.

The benefits of LED lighting also mean you can offer members of staff the option of controlling the light levels, either within their own personal workspace or across a larger, open-plan area. By offering this option to tailor the light levels to their own preference, it can give employees more control and in doing so, increase their wellbeing levels and making them feel valued.

The Lighting People can offer a free 1-hour free consultation along with the following:

Free Survey

Our experienced surveyors can conduct a full technical site survey, assessing lighting usage and provision, detailing the existing fitting types, the current levels of light, as well as an assessment of the existing annual operating costs.

Design & Specification

Our design team will convert your chosen solution into a fully developed lighting design using 3D modelling software, providing layout drawings together with a specification and a schedule of lighting products.

Performance Management

Upon completion we will inspect and measure the performance output of your scheme to ensure that the solution is delivering the intended benefits.

The Lighting People have a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise in light and lighting and have access to a diverse range of international suppliers. This means they can quickly interpret your objectives by responding with a carefully considered, suitable solution at a competitive price.