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Katie Henry


Katie Henry founded Art in Offices in 2012 on the values of making office environments more dynamic and interesting, making original art affordable for all offices with any budget, and supporting emerging artists. 

Katie started Art in Offices to provide affordable artwork to brighten office spaces, with a keen eye for spotting emerging talent, Katie selects artists whose work is ideal for the office environment. As well as working with talented artists Katie has access to a network of galleries and art dealers whom can source artwork to match any brief from corporate clients. 

Research has proven that offices with plants and art are 42% more productive.  Having art in the office also reduces stress, aggression and anxiety amongst staff, and reduces the number of sick days.  Colour can be used very effectively in offices to create different energies and moods in different spaces, and in an open plan office can effectively zone different areas for different teams.

Katie can offer three services to help introduce to art to the workplace.


Our consultation service covers every aspect, from helping you choose the art and creating the budget, to curating offices and advising on investment artwork.


Renting art for 12 months or more is an affordable way of enjoying art without making a large financial commitment.  We handle all the logistics, installation and insurance.

Art Subscription

Change your art every 3, 4 or 6 months.  This is a great option for offices with diverse opinions, and offices with frequent visitors who need to be impressed.