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Phil Johns


Philip Johns has been involved in office furniture for over 30 years and always has a leaning towards products which provided healthier solutions (Height adjustable workstations and dynamic sitting solutions) rather than our traditional sedentary workstations. 

Over 25 years ago Phil first identified that with the changes in technology and the way that people were working we were entering a time which was going to see a massive increase in work related problems, and with people sitting far more than ever before this has been proven correct. Having launched a standing desk, for schools, two years ago he is focusing on trying to get our younger generations to understand the risks that they will face in our modern offices. With the technology that is now available, having been involved in workstation assessments for many years he also saw a need to simplify the workstation assessment process, so he introduced:- 

Email Assessment

We will ask for a number of photos of the individuals working environment, ideally with a couple of photos showing the person at work, along with dimensions of the working area and the size and height of desk being used.

Phone Call

After looking at the images supplied we will spend some time on the phone discussing the sort of work that they are doing, the equipment being used and the amount of time spent working following which we will generally highlight any potential problem areas. 

Email Report

Our discussion is followed up with a formal e-mail highlighting areas of risk and advising of potential solutions. This can be followed by a showroom visit located in the Guildford area where suitable products can be viewed and tested.

This Assessment Service is available free of charge to any client (All we ask is that if the client feels that they have gained some beneficial advice that they make a charitable donation to our charity partner who are currently Oakleaf Enterprise who are working with mental health/illness).