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Sally Gunnell

Corporate Health And Wellbeing

Sally Gunnell's passion for health and wellbeing stemmed from the success of her successful athletics career. Sally has now taken her passion knowledge and experience, to inspire and energise organisations to perform better. 

Sally and her team's philosophy adopt a simple fundamental message 'small changes, consistently made'. This has proved to be a winning combination in improving employees and employers resilience in the challenging environment we operate in today. 

Sally's business partner is Zoe Ecclestone, who also features on our Wellbeing Consultancy, and having both worked in the health and wellbeing industry for many years they decided to combine their mutual interests and expertise and start working together. 

Sally Gunnell's Health and Wellbeing programmes are carefully considered and created based on your company and the environment it operates in. Taking into consideration values and strategies and most importantly the people within it. 

The programmes use the right blend of interventions and media to suit your culture that will land the behavior changes needed. Typically the team use keynotes, workshops, targeted communications, focus groups, work-withs and multimedia. The core content will cover 4 key health and wellbeing areas: Nutrition, Activity, Mental Health, and Sleep. Whereas the overall program covers the content below:

Ideas, Inspire & Equip

Sally Gunnell Health & Wellbeing programmes inspire and equip the organisations with ideas, evidence and materials to help them develop and communicate a health and wellbeing programme.

The programmes include the organistaion's specific ideas, guidelines and business objectives which improves their company culture

Planning & Execution

Sally Gunnell Health & Wellbeing help organisations identify objectives, success criteria and measurement of results.

The team provide support with project communications and marketing, to secure buy-in and engagement, including project management to ensure the smooth planning and roll-out of your programme. 

Healthier & Happy Workforce

Sally Gunnell Health & Wellbeing programmes are fun, highly interactive, and engaging, as they believe this is the best way to learn and share ideas. 

They have spent many years designing and delivering health and wellbeing workshops, and whilst some of the material does not change they are always keen to create new ones to reflect specific business needs.

Organisations are under pressure from three sides to address the wellbeing agenda.

1. Internally and from themselves as they increasingly face the costs and the risks of long-term sickness and absence damaging their productivity, growth, retention and brand

2. Employees starting and requiring that their employees help them achieve individual wellbeing.

3. The law and government policy driving employers to recognise their impact on employee health to help in their aims to get more out of the working population back and active in the workplace.

Working across organisations of all sizes applying techniques and experiences learned from the Olympic track to the boardroom, Sally Gunnell Health & Wellbeing has proved that there is a connection between organisational health, performance, and results.

Find out what can be achieved by contacting Sally and her team using the form below: