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Zoe Eccleston

Corporate Health And Wellbeing

Zoe Eccleston has 20 years experience in corporate health and wellbeing. After designing wellbeing programmes for RWE npower, British Gas, PepsiCo, Vodafone and Bloomberg.

The Wellbeing Business successfully helps employers, of all sizes of organisation improve the health and wellbeing of all their employees. 

The Wellbing Business is a leading provider of health and wellbeing strategy and services. Zoe Eccleston is the founder and has 20 years experience in corporate health and wellbeing.

Zoe is a well respected and credible consultant and expert who enjoys helping companies and individuals make behavioral changes that not only improve employee health and wellbeing, but also offers a significant return on their investment. 

The team at The Wellbeing Business have a wide knowledge base, gained from many years of experience in their respective fields.

Strategy & Culture

Zoe and her team have delivered strategies to various organisations ranging from:

Large global corporates to SME's, Universities to charities, Public sector organisations and local government

Bespoke strategies are available to help you connect health and wellbeing to your company culture. 


Powerful and thought provoking workshops: 

What is wellbeing? + How to get started? + Resilience + Managing Energy + Hydration - Are you getting enough? + Fitness - Yes but what? + Improve your 'Mental Health' Sleep - an untapped resource + Nutrition

Prices start from £20 per person depending on workshop size, frequency & length.

Public Speaking

Keynote presentations, interactive workshops and motivational sessions to help promote and sustain health & wellbeing across your organisation.

The public speaking and presentations are tailored to your organisations needs and delivered to help strengthen your culture. 

Testimonial: Dr Umang Patel - Clinical Director - Babylon

I met Zoe at Bloomberg and it was clear that she offered a fresh perspective on employee wellbeing.  Not only did she have impressive domain expertise, Zoe was able to articulate the challenges faced by the system.  Together, we were able to craft a solution that has merged traditional benefits with leading technology to help employees be healthier, happier and consequently achieve more.  This would not have been possible without the energy, enthusiasm and determination that Zoe showed at every stage. It was a pleasure working with Zoe, and I hold her in the highest regard.